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Why use Mynlo?

We are a safe, distract-free journal to explore your emotions and elaborate on actions to do. The emotion centric approach of Mynlo will help you find specific memories fast and convenient.

Your personal thoughts stay private and secure. Mynlo is free to use and is supported by people who love seeing their beautiful memories hanging on the wall.

The Importance of Emotions

Emotions are meant to teach you. They will prompt you to fight for something, run away or do nothing. They show you what to embrace and what to avoid. Determining your true feelings with Mynlo, will help you take the right decisions.

Their sole purpose is to motivate you, decide upon your matters. Communicating your feelings through a diary, de-stresses you, clears your mind and offers you the ability to accept your feelings and seek solutions.

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A diary is a personal and private space to write in. It can hold feelings, experiences, thoughts, ideas and goals.


Custom Journals

Create journals of your wedding, kids, work, etc.

Store Kudos

Compliments and achievements. All the praise you've received has a place.

Have your recipes on hand

Gather your secret family recipes and ensure they don't get lost.

Organize your life with lists

It's fun to do your to do's.

Catch your feelings with tags.

Emotions have a place at Mynlo. Vent, tag them, find them.

Encrypted entries ensure privacy

Top notch security with AES 128 encryption.