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Dear visitors & users, on May 6, 2021 we will be closing our website and therefore aren't accepting new sign ups. Existing users can login and backup/download their entries, ensuring this way, nothing gets lost. Thank you and we hope for your understanding.

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A silent friend

Your Mynlo Online Journal is here, so you can share private thoughts, ideas, moments and feelings.

Your Mynlo Online Journal, Your Journey, Your Story

Your experiences, your feelings, ideas, thoughts, and dreams all combine to form your life and your journey, which is your story. A great way to keep a relative reflection of all those things that have happened in your life is to keep a journal. A daily journal, a weekly journal, a month end summary journal, any or all these are ways you can keep track and record your experiences, your story.

Your journal is all about whatever, whomever, however, whenever you want it to be about. Your journal can contain a word a day, a paragraph, or pages. You can write in your journal every day, or you can write every week or every month. It is your journal, you choose when to write and when not to write.

There are many benefits from keeping a journal. They include reducing stress, help in setting daily and future goals, and help with the organization of your thoughts and planning your day. Journaling helps you focus as you are putting in writing, what you are thinking and feeling.

Write it down, get it out. Your journal creates a very helpful personal reminder. Keeping a journal of your story, your experiences and feelings about your life can improve your well-being, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Taking time every day or week for you, to sit and to write in your journal, makes time for you. You can give that to yourself. The written record of your story becomes a reassured keepsake, a written scrapbook of your life and times.


Custom Journals

You can create any journal you like. Wedding journal, Prayer journal, Health diary, Work journal, etc.

Catch your feelings with tags.

Emotions have a place at Mynlo. Vent, tag them, find them.

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