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Frequently asked questions

A: We are dedicated to keep our online journal free. Your data is encrypted and there is no intention to sell it. You can support our service by heading over to the shop page where you can upload your pictures and receive them printed on quality material to great prices. We have also the intention in future to enable ads on our blog page, but nowhere else.

A: We support only image uploads at this time. Per journal entry one image upload of max. 5mb is allowed. Besides being attached to the entry, images are collectively visible at the Gallery

A: Yes. On your profile page you will find the backup feauture. You can backup specific journals or all your journal entries at once. Your entries will be save in pdf format and be included in one zip file.

A: We created Mynlo with a mobile first approach. This means Mynlo is fully responsive and works from any device. There is no need to install an additional app on your smartphone or tablet.

A: Mynlo is only able to support English at this stage. Other languages may work, but we cannot promise that your entries will be saved correctly.

A: Yes. You can cancel at any time. All entries and data will be permanently deleted. To delete your account after log in, visit your profile page, and select the 'Delete Account' button. An email will be sent to you. Confirm.

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