Mynlo | Why Start a Diary. Get to Know The Ultimate Reason and 14 Benefits.

Why Now is a Good Time to Start a Diary. Get to Know The Ultimate Reason and 14 Benefits You Can Claim.

Updated: 25/03/2019

The Ultimate Advantage of Writing in a Diary

Writing a diary has many advantages and very few disadvantages. The disadvantages can be assigned to your time you have to dedicate to write your entries and the possibility of your writings being read by people you wouldn't like to do so. Below you will find the advantages you can attain, but there is an ultimate benefit you will gain when you start writing in a diary. The advantages act as perks on your way to strengthen your resilience and quality of life.

Writing in a diary will make you a better person. Keep it up for long enough and you will observe positive changes in the way you think, the opinion you have about yourself, the attitude you have towards other people and actual improvement of your life. A diary is the best vehicle to improve your financials, your fitness, your weight, and any other aspect of your life. It will help you to take yourself less seriously and give you the ability to enjoy the journey even if you miss the destination.

How a diary is able to benefit you and become a better person

You are writing your own personal story

Your diary is about you. It will be your personal space, with your own private experiences. You are basically writing a book about yourself. You are the author, the editor and the reader of it. The words you use are representing you and how you perceive the world around you. The events you experience and the people you meet in life make this a unique edition.

You have a silent, loyal and trustworthy listener by your side

A secret diary offers you the ability to talk about anything you want to share. It could be this is the only available space to share something specific. You may fear to face social penalties or are worried to hurt someone you like. It is a one-way conversation which allows you to go deeper into a topic and understand your feelings.

You are making yourself accountable for your promises

You have your goals stored in one place, being able to look them up frequently. You can go back anytime and see if you held the promises you took. You are actively making yourself solely responsible for your own life. Your confidence benefits with every milestone you reach. You achieve to concentrate more on what is important to you and leave noise outside of your circle.

Your diary will be there whatever your emotional state is

You can be happy, sad, worried or mad. Unleash your feelings freely and enjoy the deliberating act in its purest form. It doesn't matter much if you store those emotions long-term or you want to delete them after a few days. You have a way to share your emotions, get steam out of your system and create space for better thoughts.

It's a great companion when you feel alone

You can take a peek view of past events when you feel alone. Happy moments will remind you that this loneliness is temporarily and better days are around the corner. You have to believe more in yourself and go out of this state by taking the necessary action. A positive side effect when reading through old entries, you could forget for a moment the time, which would be filled with negative feelings.

With self-reflection, you can attain inner balance

Your brain is a magnificent apparatus. You write your thoughts and simultaneously your brain works on solutions to the topic. It may also question the correctness of your writings. You gain a better picture of yourself and have the rare opportunity to clear your inner space by being honest. You create a mirror which represents all what's missing and what's available in your life.

You can set your goals and track all your activities

A diary can hold all your goals in a bucket list. You can put up a life plan where your long term goals can be determined. Combine it with a weekly plan to track all your activities towards reaching your bigger goals and you have found a comprehensive secretary which will assist you in getting things done in your life. To achieve the best coordination you should also use a calendar, which you can update with your weekly to do's.

You can vent overflowing emotion securely

Looking for a space to release walloping emotions? A diary can offer a secure valve for overflowing emotions, that need to be shared, but cannot for specific reasons. Emotions define our actions and a diary will enable you to control your reactions. You can play possible scenarios and their outcome or you could assess that your initial judgment wasn't fair and decide to approach the issue differently.

You can show your feelings in the form of words to someone special even after ages

A diary is a personal space intended for keeping your thoughts and ideas safe. Sometimes you write things in it, that could be shared with other people. Even after many years have been passed since you have initially written an entry. You can still share the writing if you believe that person should know how you feel about them.

You can visit moments of the past

You don't have to wait for Elon Musk to invent the first fully working time machine. With some patience, you can create your own and travel to the past whenever you like. Reading about past events will enable you to re-live those moments within your own boundaries. It can be fulfilling to realize that your life has had its good moments and you are appreciating the experience.

You will look at the world with more ease

When you visit moments of the past and experience this inner satisfaction you will become calmer in your core. Oftentimes you don't have to wait for that long. Studies found out, that the act of writing alone pushes the right hormones in your brain to become in more ease with your world. When you describe an event it has the effect to convince you, that you take action on outstanding feelings and emotions. You start to believe that a solution is closer. In the opposite event, you understand that it isn't in your power and other things have to happen which are outside of your control.

Important experience can be shared with future generations

With a full life and many experiences, wisdom gets accumulated. You may want to share some of your unique stories in written form. A diary offers to be a great medium. Your heirs can then time travel to the past years of your life, connecting the dots and getting an understanding of your world. Some people begin to write in a diary with the sole purpose to share their bio in the form of memoirs to their loved ones.

Save your ideas in a central place

There are many ways to save your ideas. You can write them on paper, in a smartphone app, a Word (docx) document, on the cloud, or on a web app. Writing in a diary successfully includes having established a routine for when to write and a cozy place to think in peace about your thoughts. This combination makes a diary, one of the best choices for brainstorming ideas. Additional you will be able to find your ideas more easily and avoid losing them because you cannot remember where they were written.

Organize your thoughts, organize your life

With so much information available, your thoughts can become confusing. You forget things, goals and important people. By writing in a diary, you can mold everything that floats around in your mind, to a tangible form. Sort your events and thoughts in the appropriate boxes/folders and you will gain a valuable assistant which will organize your life.

How a diary helped John

John started to write in a diary last year. He didn't write daily in it, but a least two times a week. He decided to give it a go because he felt unhappy with his life. His main source of sadness was coming from his workplace. The job was very demanding, with tight deadlines and a cold work climate among co-workers. It was an okay paying job, enough to make a living, but too little to think of building a future with it. He was so tired after going home, that his only activities were to eat something fast and then browse the web on his PC.

From time to time, he went out to see his friends. With most, he has lost contact. You could count his friends on one hand. Whenever it was, he had to deal with tiredness, headaches and zero energy to do any demanding activity. As you can see, John's life was pretty average and boring. It was one year ago when he discovered diary writing. He found it great to vent about his feelings, getting rid of some long-held inner frustrations.

A diary made him feel better, as he described events in his life with honesty. He used his Facebook account very little as there were very little images to post and everything around there reminded him, what of happy lives everyone else were having. This way without knowing he put less pressure on himself.

His diary allowed him to tackle any topic he wished and bothered him. He still was tired when he came back from his job, but he always had some ideas in his mind. He had a real opinion with what to do better with his free time and how to progress in his life. Without a diary, those thoughts would just linger around in the back of his brain. They now became tangible things. He could elaborate deeper on them.

John has been silently motivated by his diary to do something about it. Still, he was unsure how to begin, as there wasn't a guide available with the title "How John can be happier with his life". He started to make some subtle changes. He found out that most of his time he was at his job, so he smiled more often at his colleagues and his boss. He tried to be on time and found a way to steal 10 minutes of his driving time to the job and back. He ate an apple additional to his usual frugal breakfast. He decided to sleep half an hour earlier so his body and mind could manage those changes better.

John wrote for around 8 months in his diary and started those small changes 2 months ago. He felt the work environment to have improved, and he felt fresher after going home. He decided to begin reading and see one hour less TV or do web browsing and he signed up for the gym in his neighborhood. He decided that a small walk in nature would enhance his mood and by doing this activity he had time to call his old friends more frequently.

John had improved his life and benefited from writing in a diary. He had improved himself without taking notice of most changes. When he looked back to one year of diary writing John didn't remember much. His initial writings were full of sadness, worry, and doubt. He avoided to read his old bleak entries, but he remembered one thing. It all started with being honest about himself and his diary offered the space he needed to be so.

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