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What are Diary Entries?

Updated: 15/03/2019

Pieces of Personal Space

Diary entries are dated personal notes which populate your diary. Each piece is used to record your inner thoughts and emotions. They reflect interests, opinions and changes in your life. Events contain all this info, acting as vessel of your individual perception from the world. Your entries can have any length, from 200 characters to more than 1000 words.

Diary entries are written in 1st person from the perspective of the person to whom the diary belongs. The 3rd person is used to refer to others who are being featured in the writings. Usually each entry will start with a greeting (dear diary for example) and be signed off at the end.

The entries within your diary are for personal purposes. They are usually kept private and locked away from any other person. This characteristic of a diary helps you to open up and being honest about particular topics. Sometimes the word "journal" is used instead of the word "diary" in respect to the frequency your diary has been used. A diary is intended for daily entries. A journal can be written less frequently depending on the diarists preferences.

Diary Entry Sample

14/03/2019 {Top left- Date}

Wednesday, 17:53 {Optional day and time}

Dear Diary, {Opening line - Dear Diary, can be replaced with any other greeting}

I seriously do not think things could get any worse. I feel like the earth is falling on my head. Today I lost my job with the most egregious explanation ever, I got robbed on my way home and now I have to pay next weeks rent without any penny in my pocket. {Describe your day in general and your feelings}

I had a strange feeling from the beginning of the day. It poured outside, and when I arrived at my workplace I got a very cold greeting from my boss. He hadn't give me until today any sign that things had been come to such an irreparable situation... {Go further to explain, describe and vent on any matter that you want to share}

Seems, now I have to find some way to gather the money for my rent. I should first go to the police and report the robbery. Then I could ask around my neighborhood, if someone needs his lawn mowed or car washed. Heck, maybe I should seek for a cheaper stay. Just for the short, to give me time to find a new job. {Conclude with a final remark and/or future course of action}

See you tomorrow {Sign off - You can use a name, signature or greeting}

Other Ways to Style Your Entries

We saw above the most common way to write an entry, but there are other styles available which you can use. A big part of what distinguishes a diary from other forms of writing are the non-fixed style rules. Besides dating your entries, which helps organize them and keeping everything in a timeline you can resort back, there isn't an obligation to stick with any other writing rule. Yeah, you can ignore every other point we just saw in the sample above.

Diaries have a personal character and are not supervised by anybody, which gives you freedom to decide upon the style of your entries. You could mix the different styles together, if it is okay with you. This of course opens up the question what else you can do with your entries. How could you fill those in another style?

Let's see the other usable styles:


You could choose to use only photos in your diary, assembling a scrapbook like sort of diary. To any photo you could add a caption mentioning the date and the place it was taken. Below the photo you could mention the people who are on the photo or describing the event. You heard surely about the saying that one photo is more worth then 1000 words.


Record video messages with what is going on in your live. A personal video blog could have a more touching feeling as you interact in more natural form with yourself. Your facial expressions and feelings will be vividly saved. A short written description could help find old entries you are searching for.


Quotes, sayings and condensed wisdom shared within a few lines make a great medium to contemplate upon. Pick a quote that arouses your interest, and save her on your diary. You can go further by thinking about it and share what's your opinion on the topic.


Writing Poems seems to be a difficult task, but if it is for personal use, you can easily try out your smarts and creative nature. Remember, you do not aim to get a prize but share your world in any way that makes sense to you.

Song Lyrics

Even if none of the phrases you write make any musician sense, song writing is a form of story telling with a melody. Maybe it would be difficult to keep up daily with it, but from time to time a song between all your other entries could spice things up a bit.


Work on a fictive world by writing an imaginary story in your diary. It could be a few pages long or a full fletched book containing hundreds of pages. You can keep it for yourself or aiming to publish it when you think it is worth it. For this style of writing, dating your entries isn't important, besides knowing when you started and how much progress you have made.

Bullet Points

Everybody loves lists. It has become so popular that a separate category called Bullet Journal exists. All you have to do is writing everything that comes to your mind in a list form. This approach is great when you are planning future actions or counting things of the present.

Letter style

When thinking about it, the usual diary entries have a high similarity to old fashioned letter writing. A greeting at the beginning, a short introduction to the event, then a further explanation diving deeper on your initial introduction, a conclusion and in the end a sign off. The main difference is, who will be the letter receiver. A normal diary entry is a letter to yourself, a letter style entry is intended to be written for someone else, real person or phantasy.


Take your pen or markers and start doodling whatever comes in your mind. It will not give your life a meaning, but it can be by all means therapeutic and relief you from nagging stress issues. Doodles are also perfect for telling a story in a childish funny way and to starting you don't need much talent either.


Put some color in your diary, and draw your state of mind away. Drawing can gather the meaning of a situation in a descripting form without needed much to explain. If you are angry your drawings will be more bold with heavier use of your drawing utensils, if you are happy you will see a lot of light colors and fine lines in your drawings.

Social Media

You like your social media feed and want to save it somewhere save. Maybe you just want to have one place where all your social media can be found. Of course this form is most conveniently with a digital diary, but you could also print your social feed, like you could scan your drawings or use a digital pen to draw them.

With that many styles available, your creativity has no boundaries to fear. Your diary can become truly unique and personal. Maybe you decide to go with one style at the beginning and change preference when progressing. You can combine two or three styles together, assembling the style which meets better your needs.

We wish you happy diary writing!

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