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The Best Journaling Apps

from a competitors view

Updated: 28/02/2019

Dear Competitors

When entering the online journal business I had no clue what would await me. I had the drive in me to succeed in this field, because as a long time journal writer it was something that filled me with pride. I found out that competition is heavy, with some very large players in it and some others seem to struggle. I wanted to access a feeling of how good every online journal really works and for this reason I signed up with everyone of them and tested out their platform. My intention was to compare each other between them and find out which journal has a good all around offering.

Here you will find a list with the best journal apps I could find. If you feel some is missing here, don't hesitate to contact me. The test includes predominantly Web apps. Smartphone apps are just mentioned at the end. Testing all those phone apps would need more resources and a believe that the app could be used even after many life changes occur, like phone number change or software change. Writing a journal is a long haul activity and I would need more insurance than a phone app could offer to me. That's my personal opinion, and the reason why I just mention the most popular apps in the end.

Web Apps


This journal let's you write diary entries within 280 characters. In that regard it resembles Twitter having a maximum of allowed characters to use. This isn't a social network, nor a full fledged blog diary, but concentrates on helping you writing short memos of what you did today. The interface is user-friendly and there is an overview page with a goal driven approach.

Price: Free. It does offer many premium features, like getting more character to write your entries, changing the theme, getting sms reminders etc.

Suggested for:

  • You have totally no time to write, but when you do, you tend to forget stop writing. A limit of 280 characters will force you to limit this urge and at the worse case you can buy more characters.
  • You don't care at all, writing journal entries with details in it. You want to lay out a rough sketch of what you did and let your memory fill the gaps when you come back and read your notes.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

A whole generation of Twitter addicts could start writing short memos of their life. A whole generation could start writing everything containing just 280 characters. I surely did write this last paragraph within that range. Ok, I still have some space to reach the limit. I did.


That's the old Journalate. When you click on you will find a website promoting artists and music. At the menu you will find a link for the private journal. There has been a change in leadership recently and you can see it in the direction the website took. I'm happy the journal hasn't been abandoned, but is still available. The old version had ads, the new one doesn't has them yet. The free account offers a slick journal, but very basic tools. Backup, Categories, Autosave and Seach by Keyword are some of the premium features.

Price:Free with Premium features.

Suggested for:

  • A cool online journal to keep track of your life. Awesome look, you feel to be at the pulse of time.
  • Think only with using its premium features you get the whole benefits of Myjournalate.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

I hope it will be available for journal writers around the world for many many years to come. They shifted a bit direction recently, but are committed in the endeavor. Will look closely how it will develop. They are a good journal whatever will happen in future.


Okay at first if you visit and they look almost the same. After taking a closer look you will find differences. The colors are not the same and the interface of offers more highlighted areas. It doesn't seem to be online at this time of writing and if I had the chance to contact the owner I would ask him if he owns and wants to move, to this more keyword richer domain.


Suggested for:

  • At first it has to go online with all his tools, then I will look at it again

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

Simple, with such an easy to remember name, their will be traffic. Happy to test it out once active. This could be good. Good competition makes business lively and users can only gain in that matter.


2 million users. That's the one journal with the most users. The interface looks easy to work with and it resembles a bit like being a blog. You can set backgrounds and sent entries of yours into the future. It does offer prompts and counts the words you write. Yeah, there is a lot to find out here. With premium features you get even more tools and more security which at the free level is at AES-128 bit. For smooth mobile experience you will need to use their mobile app, as the Web-app isn't made for every screen.

Price:Free. Premium $19.99 and there are also more expensive plans.

Suggested for:

  • They have the most features of anybody else. You can create specific journals which separates your life in brackets.
  • You can customize the level of every bit or upgrade the security of your journal. It comes with a prize.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

This is more than just a journal. You can get sucked in, tooling around, checking out how this or that works. Yeah, writing and leaving isn't so easy here. And if you leave, they sent you reminders. Maybe it will remembered as the most pompous online journal in the world (just bashing the competition).



Signed up with the desktop version of I had to signup through my Gmail account, so all my data will be stored with Google Drive. It has a very minimal design approach, with a basic editor, letting you to write and upload one image per journal entry. After you save it, a date gets added, so backward journaling isn't possible. The features I would really like to use with them are all included in the premium version, like Email journaling, email reminders, or synching with apps.

Price:Free. Advanced features require you to subscribe to a monthly plan (starts at $2.49)

Suggested for:

  • Very basic journal to start with. You don't need anything more. And if so, you can still upgrade to get more.
  • Your data saved in Google Drive is exactly what you searched for. Not sure if they plan to offer a wider range of cloud storage options in future or maybe they already have a super smart AI which chooses your cloud provider by operating system and device.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

Among the few apps which I could test on my Desktop. They have a viable offer which could be interesting to some people.


Not the quickest registration, as you have to go through a captcha and after signup you have to sign in. Account can be linked with Dropbox. Easy to write with, I really like how smooth everything looked. 3 million people are using it already, so there are people supporting it. No where a mention about security or privacy, but if this isn't top priority for you, Diaro is a great app for your journal entries, be it on your Desktop or Smartphone.

Price:Free. Synching Diaro Smartphone app with the desktop app requires a pro account.

Suggested for:

  • You want to sync between devices with smooth and it doesn't bother you to pay for this service.
  • You like to have weather details, maps and smileys accompanying your entries.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

Diaro has a fun and cute feeling. Even if it doesn't last forever people will always remember it for the ease and fun they had using it. One of the few apps that offered a Desktop app as well.


One of the oldest journals around. Personally experienced some difficulty to find my way around, but it has everything you would need from an online diary. I liked the "About me" section where you get to answer some questions about yourself. Great for self-awareness. Prompts are also available and you can order a book for the diary entries you made.

Price:Free. You can order personal hardcover journals with your entries.

Suggested for:

  • The most convenient one for getting hard-cover journals with your entries to your door.
  • Retrospective, Inspire, Gratefulness, Self-reflection and self-awareness. Those are some words I stumbled often during my research on jrnl. They have a religious touch. They surely back it up with the fitting tools.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

It's great when a journal tries to be more than just a platform for writing stuff down. It aims to help you improve as a human being. There is goodness out there and you can try it out for free.


You don't know when you should write in your journal? No worry GoodNightJournal believes you should write before you go to sleep. The interface has a minimal look so you don't get distracted when you write entries. A central part of functions are located at the Account tab. It is since 2013 on the block and has gathered the trust of 98.000 people.

Price:Free. Accepts donations.

Suggested for:

  • A classical journal. Easy to work with. Most fitted for writing entries before getting to bed. Never saw any issue with it when I wrote some entries on any other time of the day :)
  • No restrictions. Keep any kind of journal you would like.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

With such a domain name, my gut feeling says it will be around for many years. Don't know if it will change management in future, but it will remain a good night journal.


This German journal platform is also around since 2013. They offer client side AES-256 bit encryption which means they are giving a lot attention to security. This feel is also enhanced by the fact that their servers are located in Germany and point out that your data is more safer, because its under German jurisdiction. I liked the clean look and some very useful features they offer. Printing your entries doesn't produce the best outcome. You can test it, by just using their demo account.

Price:Free. They accept Donations. Feed the Monkey :)

Suggested for:

  • Privacy of your entries is the top most thing you care and some pdf entry print issues doesn't bother you. Did I say you will feel safe?
  • Simple and efficient interface and it is really free. Works from the web on any device.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

Honestly, when looking at Monkkee and its security features, this was what we all here at Mynlo wanted to achieve. Creating the most secure environment for your data. It changed us here and a lot of its users (and ours) appreciate this initiative too. Thank you.


This journal has a more darker feel than any other journal I tested. Maybe it's just the black background I face when first visiting the website. It offers both a private and a public journal to use. The signup process is a bit cumbersome, but when done you will be ready to start writing your first entry. The background stays the same and with the white text color it is great to use during the night. Not sure that was the creator intention, but it worked for my eyes that way.


Suggested for:

  • You like to write at night and a photo background doesn't bother you.
  • You can't decide if you want a public or private journal to keep, but you want to start right away because you will procrastinate it again.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

It will always show people that there is a free tool on the web, which can hold up with more expensive alternatives. maybe it looks a bit outdated from a design point of view, but it works seamless and there seems to be long term commitment.


This is a public community driven journal platform. Privacy isn't the focus here. You can share your thoughts totally free and really no-one uses their real name as username. This way anonymity is still achieved and you can get likes and comments on your entries. They are free and have some ads implemented in their platform.

Price: Free. They have a shop and sell some journal features, like renaming your account name.

Suggested for:

  • You want anonymously to share thoughts and talk about your ideas with others.
  • You don't take it too seriously, keeping the most valuable secrets to you, as even anonymously you are still sharing parts of yourself.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

Maybe it did already. Facebook started out as an online journal for universities. In a time where you have to be yourself, and post real personal data to be an accepted member, Livejournal lets you be a cameo of yourself like the good old times when you chatted with a fake username on mIRC.


Behind its fast respond time and convenient design, Mynlo has taken an emotion centric approach to journaling. To us, writing a journal means, sharing your inner world freely and honestly to someone. A journal can truly act as that someone, being your friend. You can record events and positive experiences, but mostly our intention was to serve as a platform to express your negative feelings and experiences. In short I would say it is a "Don't try to be someone else, feel good with yourself journal". Our AES-128 bit encryption ensures that everything stays secure and encrypted.

Price: Free. Offers to print your images on Canvas, Framed, Acryl, Metal.

Suggested for:

  • For People who would like to search their entries by their feelings. Entries can have emotions attached to them.
  • Besides writing your memories down to preserve them, you can print your best memories on time resistant surfaces, where they will have the highest chance of staying within your family and friends.
  • Average people with average "exciting" lives.

How it could change the world and be remembered in time:

Personally, me and my team want to get you less anxious, neurotic, depressed, sad, just by writing down a few notes. We want to give you a tool to accept your weaknesses and cherish the positive moments of your life. Probably it will not change the world, this never was our intention.

APPS  for quick journal entries in a simple, intuitive interface   grid templated journaling  email journaling  automated journaling from your social media feeds  journal with mood & habit tracking  zoomed-out view of your whole life in weeks, presented in charts  dictate journal entries, has a seamless integration with Windows  quick morning and evening reflections

When you look for the best online journaling app out there, you will find for your surprise that there is a large supply of very different and interesting offerings. Some apps specialize in one field and others try to serve a broader range of customers. To choose which one is the best app for your purpose can be time consuming, so we hope to have helped you arriving to a better judgment.

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