Mynlo | The Importance of Capturing Life's Moments.

The Importance of Capturing Life's Moments

by Alexis Nichole

Updated: 07/05/2020

Hello, my name is Alexis Nichole and I blog over at Simply Nichole. Today, I am going to be talking a bit about the importance of taking pictures and capturing life's most precious moments.

When I was younger my siblings and I would always open my mother's photo albums -- she had over 10+ albums filled with old, worn-out photos. Most of them were covered with dust and barely had any color, but you could still see the life in those photos. My mother wouldn't dare throw them away because they held so much value -- they captured such precious moments that you couldn't get back with time.

You see, I lost my mother when I was 18 and although I spent a good bit of my life with her, it still felt as though it wasn't enough. So, every now and then I search through the old photos that we have together because those captured images hold so much significance that words can not describe.

After my mother passed, I began to understand the importance of holding on to such moments and why my mother held on to those worn-out photos and why I, too will forever hold on to my photos as well.

Have you ever looked at an old photo and suddenly you can remember every emotion, thought, and/or chapter of your life that you were in? That's the power of images. I can look back at photos with my mother and remember our conversation right before, the smell of the incense burning, or even remember the sounds that surrounded us.

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