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781 Journal Writing Prompts

Updated: 28/11/2019

Hi! We've build this post containing journal writing prompts to give your writing creativity a boost. Prompts are divided by topics and you can click at any topic in the following list and you will be guided to the respective writing prompts.

This is a very long blog article and is not intended to be read as a whole. Imagine this to be a book freely available and you pick the bits that ignite your writing juices. It took a long time to be compiled and in the process of being written we got help by other resources freely available on the internet. We would like to thank them and mention them here at the beginning, as we think nobody would take notice of them if put at the end of the post.

Our thanks go to, the New York Times, Marc Chernoff from, Thomas Slatin from, Gwen from, Jill Schoenberg from and for providing quality images for free. Many thanks to all again, as this article couldn't have reached this level of completeness without your contribution.

There isn't much else to say, as to have fun. We are sure you will find a prompt in here to write about.

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Childhood Memories

Coming of Age


Community and Home


Overcoming Adversity

Gender and Sexuality

Morality and Religion

Role Models

Technology, Video Games and other Objects

The Internet

Social Media


Movies, Theater and Television

Reading, Writing and Fine Arts

Language and Speech

School and Teachers

School Social Environment

Senior Year, College and Applications

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Looks, Fashion and Health

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Beliefs, Politics and Current Events

If Only..

About me


1 . What Did You Do Today?

2 . What Is Your Favorite Way to Spend the Day?

3 . What Is Your Daily Routine?

4 . What Are Three Things You Can't Go Without?

5 . What Are Your Favorite Things to Wear?

6 . What Would Your Perfect Day Entail?

7 . When Do You Feel Happiest?

8 . What Current Event or Issue Do You Feel Very Strongly About?

9 . What's on Your Mind?

10 . Describe 5 Things You Want to See or Do Before It's Too Late.

11 . Quote the Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said about You.

12 . Are You Afraid of the Dark? Why or Why Not?

13 . Have You Ever Done Something Just to Feel the Danger, or to Feel Alive?

14 . How Do Rainy Days Make You Feel?

15 . How Do You Stand out from the Crowd?

16 . What Are Your Biggest Accomplishments?

17 . What Do You Really Appreciate about Your Life?

18 . Having Trouble Sleeping? What's Keeping You Up?

19 . Name the Three Biggest Priorities in Your Life Right Now.

20 . Write down Your Ultimate Way to Relax.

21 . Write down Your Measurements and Weight so You Can Compare Later.

22 . Which Was Your Best Birthday Ever and Why?

23 . Do You Think You Are a Positive or Negative Person?

24 . Do You Have a Morning Routine? Can It Be Improved?

25 . Which One of Your Responsibilities Do You Wish You Could Get Rid Of?

26 . What's Something You Don't like to Do That You Are Still Really Good At?

27 . Is There Something That You Believe is Truly Worth Fighting for?

28 . What Makes You Weird?

29 . What Is Missing in Your Life?

30 . Who Makes You Feel Good about Yourself?

31 . When You Have a Random Hour of Free Time, What Do You Usually Do?

32 . What Do You Understand Today about Your Life That You Did Not Understand a Year Ago?

33 . What Do You Sometimes Pretend You Understand That You Really Don't?

34 . How Much Money per Month Is Enough for You to Live Comfortably?

35 . When Was Your First Impression of Someone Totally Wrong?

36 . What Makes You Feel Secure?

37 . What Do You Love to Practice?

38 . What Questions Do You Often Ask Yourself?

39 . What Is Your Favorite Quote?

40 . What Is Your Biggest Phobia?

41 . What Is Your Favorite Smell?

42 . Where Do You Spend Most of Your Time While You're Awake?

Childhood Memories


43 . What Was Your Most Precious Childhood Possession?

44 . What Were Your Favorite Childhood Shows and Characters?

45 . What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?

46 . What Were Your Favorite Picture Books When You Were Little?

47 . What Things Did You Create When You Were a Child?

48 . What Places Do You Remember Fondly From Childhood?

49 . Have You Ever Felt Embarrassed by Things You Used to Like?

50 . Do You Wish You Could Return to Moments From Your Past?

51 . What is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?

52 . Was There a Toy You Wanted as a Child but Never Got?

53 . What Objects Tell the Story of Your Life?

54 . What Are Your Best Sleepover Memories?

55 . What's the Best Gift You've Ever Given or Received?

56 . What's the Most Memorable Thing You Ever Got in the Mail?

57 . What Nicknames Have You Ever Gotten or Given?

58 . What is Your Happiest Childhood Memory? What Makes it so Special?

59 . What Book Did You Read Over and Over Again as a Child?

60 . Did You Ever Run Away from Home?

61 . Did You Ever Get Lost?

Coming of Age

coming of age

62 . What Did You Learn in Your 40's

63 . What Gets You Excited About Life?

64 . What Have You Learned in Your Teens?

65 . What Personal Achievements Make You Proud?

66 . What Are Some Recent Moments of Happiness in Your Life?

67 . What Are You Grateful For?

68 . What Period of Your Life do You Look Back Upon Most Fondly?

69 . What Rites of Passage Have You Participated In?

70 . What Advice Would You Give Younger Kids About Middle or High School?

71 . What Can Older People Learn From Your Generation?

72 . Who Have Been The Most Important People in your Life?

73 . What Do Older Generations Misunderstand About Yours?

74 . What Life Lesson Did You Learn the Hard Way?

75 . What Do You Wish You Spent More Time Doing Five Years Ago?

76 . When You Are 80-years-old, What Will Matter to You the Most?

77 . How Would the World Be Different If You Were Never Born?

78 . Find an Old Photograph of Yourself. Write about the Memories It Inspires.

79 . What Recurring Dreams and Nightmares Have You Had?

80 . When in Your Life Did You Feel Most Proud?

81 . Of All the Places You Have Lived, Which Most Felt like Home?

82 . What Do You Love Most about Life?

83 . What Advice Would You Give to Your Children and Grandchildren?

84 . What Matters Most in Life?

85 . What Would Your Childhood Self Think of Your Life Thus Far?

86 . How Did Your Experience of Adulthood Differ from Your Expectations?

87 . What Is the Best Advice You Ever Received?



88 . Who Is Your Family?

89 . What Have You and Your Family Accomplished Together?

90 . What Events Have Brought You Closer to Your Family?

91 . What's Your Role in Your Family?

92 . Have You Ever Changed a Family Member's Mind?

93 . How Do You Define 'Family'?

94 . What Are Your Family Stories of Sacrifice?

95 . What Possessions Does Your Family Treasure?

96 . What Hobbies Have Been Passed Down in Your Family?

97 . How Much Do You Know About Your Family's History?

98 . Did Your Parents Have a Life Before They Had Kids?

99 . How Close Are You to Your Parents?

100 . How Are You and Your Parents Alike and Different?

101 . Do Your Parents Support Your Learning?

102 . What Have Your Parents Taught You About Money?

103 . Do You Expect Your Parents to Give You Money?

104 . What is the Most Valuable Life Lesson You Learned from your Parents?

105 . How Permissive Are Your Parents?

106 . Do You Have Helicopter Parents?

107 . How Do Your Parents Teach You to Behave?

108 . How Do You Make Parenting Difficult for Your Parents?

109 . If You Drink or Use Drugs, Do Your Parents Know?

110 . Do You Talk About Report Cards With Your Parents?

111 . Would You Mind if Your Parents Blogged About You?

112 . How Well Do You Get Along With Your Siblings?

113 . How Well Do You Know Your Pet?

114 . What Role Do Pets Play in Your Family?

115 . What Is Your Racial and Ethnic Identity?

116 . Have You Ever Tried to Hide Your Racial or Ethnic Identity?

117 . How Do You Feel About Your Last Name?

118 . What's the Story Behind Your Name?

119 . What Are Your Favorite Names?

120 . How Have You Paid Tribute to Loved Ones?

121 . What's the One Thing You'd Like Others to Remember About You at the End of your Life?

122 . What Do You Admire Most about Your Mother and Father?

123 . Are You More like Your Mom or Your Dad? In What Way?

Community and Home


124 . Would You Most Want to Live in a City, a Suburb or the Country?

125 . How Much Does Your Neighborhood Define Who You Are?

126 . What's Special About Your Hometown?

127 . What Would You Name Your Neighborhood?

128 . Who Is the 'Mayor' of Your School or Neighborhood?

129 . Who Are the 'Characters' That Make Your Town Interesting?

130 . What Would a TV Show About Your Town Spoof?

131 . What 'Urban Legends' Are There About Places in Your Area?

132 . What Local Problems Do You Think Your Mayor Should Try to Solve?

133 . Do You Know Your Way Around Your City or Town?

134 . What is the Greatest Peer Pressure You've Ever Felt?

135 . Have You Ever Interacted With the Police?

136 . How Often Do You Interact With People of Another Race or Ethnicity?

137 . Who Would Be the Ideal Celebrity Neighbor?

138 . What Is Your Favorite Place?

139 . How Much Time Do You Spend in Nature?

140 . What Small Things Have You Seen and Taken Note Of Today?

141 . What Would Your Dream Home Be Like?

142 . What is Your Favorite Place in Your House?

143 . How Important Is Keeping a Clean House?

144 . Is Your Bedroom a Nightmare?

145 . Do You Plan on Saving Any of Your Belongings for the Future?

146 . With Your Home in Danger, What Would You Try to Save?

147 . What Would You Put in Your Emergency 'Go-Bag'?

148 . Have You Ever Lost (or Found) Something Valuable?

149 . Describe the Longest Amount of Time You Have Ever Been Away from Home.

150 . What Small Act of Kindness Were You Once Shown That You Will Never Forget?

151 . Write about the First Apartment You Ever Rented.

152 . List 5 Things You Love about Your Home.

153 . Some People Prefer to Live in the Quiet of the Country; Others Prefer the Hustle and Bustle of the City. Which Do You Think Is The Better Choice?

154 . What Would Improve Your Hometown?



155 . What Are Your Top Five Personal Values?

156 . What Do You Love Most about Yourself?

157 . What Is the Most Desirable Trait Another Person Can Possess?

158 . What Is Your Personal Credo?

159 . What Motivates You?

160 . What Makes You Happy?

161 . What Are You Good At?

162 . How Much Self-Control Do You Have?

163 . How Good Are You at Waiting for What You Really Want?

164 . What Role Does Procrastination Play in Your Life?

165 . When in Your Life Have You Been a Leader?

166 . How Well Do You Perform Under Pressure?

167 . How Well Do You Take Criticism?

168 . Are You Hard or Easy on Yourself?

169 . How Full Is Your Glass?

170 . Do You Have a Hard Time Making Decisions?

171 . How Good Are You at Time Management?

172 . How Productive and Organized Are You?

173 . How Would Your Life Be Different if You Had Better Listening Skills?

174 . How Competitive Are You?

175 . Do You Perform Better When You're Competing or When You're Collaborating?

176 . Do You Take More Risks When You Are Around Your Friends?

177 . Do You Unknowingly Submit to Peer Pressure?

178 . How Much of a Daredevil Are You?

179 . What Pranks, Jokes, Hoaxes or Tricks Have You Ever Fallen For or Perpetrated?

180 . How Do You React When Provoked?

181 . How Often Do You Cry?

182 . Do You Think You're Brave?

183 . What Are You Afraid Of?

184 . What Are Your Fears and Phobias?

185 . What Are Your Personal Superstitions?

186 . Do You Like Being Alone?

187 . How Impulsive Are You?

188 . Are You a Novelty-Seeker?

189 . What Annoys You?

190 . Do You Apologize Too Much?

191 . Do You Have Good Manners?

192 . Are You a Saver or a Tosser?

193 . Are You More Introvert or Extrovert?

194 . Are You Popular, Quirky or Conformist?

195 . Are You a Nerd or a Geek?

196 . What Would Your Personal Mascot Be?

197 . What Assumptions Do People Make About You?

198 . What Does Self-Care Mean to You, and How Can You Incorporate This into Your Daily Routine?

199 . What Character Traits do You Need to Work on?

Overcoming Adversity


200 . Create a Bucket List of Things You'd like to Accomplish or Experience in the next 12 Months.

201 . What Challenges Have You Overcome?

202 . What Do You Do When You Encounter Obstacles to Success?

203 . What Are Your Secret Survival Strategies?

204 . How Do You Find Peace in Your Life?

205 . How Have You Handled Being the 'New Kid'?

206 . Do You Ever Feel Overlooked and Underappreciated?

207 . How Stressed Are You?

208 . How Do You Relieve Stress?

209 . Does Stress Affect Your Ability to Make Good Decisions?

210 . What Challenges Have You Set for Yourself?

211 . How Often Do You Leave Your 'Comfort Zone'?

212 . What Did You Once Hate but Now Like?

213 . Can You Think of a Time When Impossible Became Possible?

214 . Does Your Life Leave You Enough Time to Relax?

215 . Do You Set Rules for Yourself About How You Use Your Time?

216 . Is 'Doing Nothing' a Good Use of Your Time?

217 . What's Cluttering Up Your Life?

218 . What Work Went Into Reaching Your Most Difficult Goals?

219 . When Have You Ever Failed at Something? What Happened as a Result?

220 . When Have You Ever Succeeded When You Thought You Might Fail?

221 . List Your Bad Habits And/Or Addictions and What You Have Tried to Rid Yourself of Them.

222 . What Life Lessons Has Adversity Taught You?

223 . What's the Most Challenging Assignment You've Ever Had?

224 . What Kind of Feedback Helps You Improve?

225 . Is Trying Too Hard to Be Happy Making You Sad?

226 . Do Adults Who Are 'Only Trying to Help' Sometimes Make Things Worse?

227 . What Are Five Everyday Problems That Bother You, and What Can You Do About Them?

228 . What Can You Do Today That You Were Not Capable of a Year Ago?

229 . If We Learn from Our Mistakes, Why Are We Always so Afraid to Make a Mistake?

230 . What Is the Most Defining Moment of Your Life Thus Far?

231 . What's Something You Wish You Had Done Earlier in Life?

232 . What Was the Last Thing You Furiously Argued about with Someone? How did it go?

233 . When in Your Life Have You Been a Victim of Stereotyping?

234 . What Has Fear of Failure Stopped You from Doing?

235 . How Have You Sabotaged Yourself in the past Five Years?

236 . What Do You Want More of in Your Life?

237 . What Is One Opportunity You Believe You Missed out on When You Were Younger?

238 . What Are You Most Excited about in Your Life Right Now – Today?

Gender and Sexuality


239 . How Do Male and Female Roles Differ in Your Family?

240 . Do Parents Have Different Hopes and Standards for Their Sons Than for Their Daughters?

241 . Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have 'Perfect' Bodies?

242 . How Much Pressure Do Boys Face to Have the Perfect Body?

243 . How Did You Learn About Sex?

244 . How Should Parents Address Internet Pornography?

245 . What Experiences Have You Had With Gender Bias in School?

246 . What Have Been Your Experiences With Catcalling or Other Kinds of Street Harassment?

247 . Do You Know Boys Who Regard Girls as 'Prey'?

248 . Do You Consider Yourself a Feminist?

249 . Have You Ever Felt like You Couldn't Do Something You Wanted to Do Because of Your Gender? What Made You Feel That Way? Write about Your Experience.

250 . Have You Ever Done Something That Was Outside of the Norm for Your Gender? Why Did You Do It? How Did It Make You Feel?

251 . Do You Think It Is Harmful to Kids to Teach Them That Something Is Only for Girls or Only for Boys? Why or Why Not?

252 . Why Does Gender Inequality Exist?

253 . What Is the Hardest Part of Being a Girl/Boy or a Woman/Men in a Society Without Gender Equality? Why?

254 . How Much Do You and Your Friends Adhere to Gender Norms? What Would Happen If One of You Broke a Big Norm (Such as a Boy Wearing a Dress or a Girl Getting a Buzz-cut)?

255 . Describe Your Idea of a Fulfilling Sexual Encounter.

256 . Describe Your Idea of a Fulfilling Partnership.

257 . What, If Anything, about Sex Distresses You?

258 . What Change Would You like to Make in Your Sexual Behavior?

259 . What Change Would You like to Make in Your Sexual Attitudes or Thoughts?

260 . What Change Would You like to Make in Your Sexual Emotions or Feelings?

261 . Make Three (or More) Sexual Wishes. Don't Hold Back!

262 . Describe What Your Ideal Sexual Relationship Would Look like Today.

263 . Can You Recall Your First Discovery of Sexual Fantasy? What Was It About?

264 . Write out Three of Your Favorite Sexual Fantasies. If This Is New to You, Make One up Now.

265 . Have You Shared Your Sexual Fantasies with a Lover? What Was the Reaction?

266 . What, If Anything, Do You Find Distressing about Your Sexual Thoughts or Fantasies? Write about That to Clarify It for Yourself.

267 . Write about Your Last Sexual Experience. How Was It Different from Your First Sexual Experience?

268 . How Has Your Views of Sex Changed over Time?

269 . What Were You Taught about Sex Growing Up?

270 . What Attitudes and Beliefs Were Conveyed to You by Your Parents and Religious Influences If Any?

271 . Do You Believe That Sex and Emotional Intimacy Are Linked, or Is It Possible to Have a Sexual Relationship Without Emotional Attachment? What Experiences Influence Your Answer?

272 . Would You Say That You Have or Have Not Had a Strong Sexual Drive in Your Life? How Does and Did This Level of Sexual Drive Affect Your Intimate Relationships?

273 . What Struggles Have You Had with Your Sexuality?

274 . In What Ways Do You Nurture Your Personal Sense of Sexuality, And/Or Sexual Relationships?

275 . If You Could Have the Perfect Sex Life Right Now, What Would That Look Like?

Morality and Religion

276 . What Quote(S) Inspires You on Difficult Days?

277 . What Inspires You?

278 . Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Done You Wrong. Discuss What They Did and How It Made You Feel, and Then Forgive Them and Let It Go.

279 . How Do You Help?

280 . What Ethical Dilemmas Have You Faced?

281 . Would You Help an Injured Stranger?

282 . When Is the Last Time You Did Something Nice for a Stranger?

283 . Have You Ever 'Paid It Forward'?

284 . How Much Do You Gossip?

285 . What Are Your Religious Beliefs? Have They Changed, or Have They Always Stayed the Same?

286 . How Comfortable Are You With Lying?

287 . Have You Ever Taken Something You Weren't Supposed To?

288 . What Could You Live Without?

289 . Do You Ever Feel Guilty About What, or How Much, You Throw Away?

290 . Do You Ever Eavesdrop?

291 . How Important Is Your Spiritual Life?

292 . Do You Believe That Everything Happens for a Reason?

293 . Can You Be Good Without God?

294 . Are You Less Religious Than Your Parents?

295 . Can You Pass a Basic Religion Test?

296 . What Can You Learn From Other Religions?

297 . Is Religion Good for Society? Or Is Society Best Served by Ridding Itself of Its Influence?

298 . Is Morality Possible Without Religion? Why or Why Not?

299 . Make up Your Own Religion.

300 . Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

301 . Should Young Children Be Allowed to Play with Toy Guns or Other Violent Toys?

302 . Would You Tell If You Saw a Friend Cheating on a Test?

303 . Is It Ever Acceptable for a Teenager to Have Plastic Surgery Just Because She Doesn't like the Way Something Looks on Her (Not for a Medical Reason)?

304 . Is "an Eye for an Eye" a Good Basis for Determining an Appropriate Punishment? Why or Why Not?

Role Models

role model

305 . Who Did You Idolize Growing Up?

306 . Who Do You Sometimes Compare Yourself To?

307 . Who Is Your Role Model?

308 . Who Are Your Heroes?

309 . Who Inspires You?

310 . What's the Best Advice You've Gotten?

311 . Who Outside Your Family Has Made a Difference in Your Life?

312 . If You Had Your Own Talk Show, Whom Would You Want to Interview?

313 . To Whom, or What, Would You Like to Write a Thank-You Note?

314 . What Leader Would You Invite to Speak at Your School?

315 . What Six People, Living or Dead, Would You Invite to Dinner?

316 . Have You Ever Made a Change That Improved Your Life or the Lives Of Others?

317 . What Makes Someone a Hero?

318 . Who Impresses You?

Technology, Video Games and other Objects

video games

319 . Name a Totally Useless Possession and How You Came to Acquire It.

320 . Are You Distracted by Technology?

321 . Do You Always Have Your Phone or Tablet at Your Side?

322 . What Tech Tools Play the Biggest Role in Your Life?

323 . What New Technologies or Tech Toys Are You Most Excited About?

324 . To What Piece of Technology Would You Write a 'Love Letter'?

325 . Does Your Digital Life Have Side Effects?

326 . Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?

327 . Do You Spend Too Much Time on Smart Phones Playing 'Stupid Games'?

328 . When Do You Choose Making a Phone Call Over Sending a Text?

329 . Do You Know How to Code? Would You Like to Learn?

330 . Whom Would You Share Your Passwords With?

331 . What Are Your Favorite Video Games?

332 . What Have You Learned Playing Video Games?

333 . Do You Play Violent Video Games?

334 . When Should You Feel Guilty for Killing Zombies?

335 . Who Are Your Opponents in Online Gaming?

336 . Do You Like Watching Other People Play Video Games?

337 . Name Something You Lost or Gave Away That Can Never Be Replaced.

338 . Name Something You Found; What Was It and Where Did You Find It?

339 . Describe Your First Car.

340 . Pick up a Random Object That Has Special Meaning to You and Describe It in as Much Detail as Possible.

341 . What's Your Opinion on Bitcoin?

342 . Do You Believe Cryptocurrencies Are the next Best Thing?

The Internet


343 . What 5 Websites Do You Visit Often, and Why?

344 . How Careful Are You Online?

345 . Do You Ever Seek Advice on the Internet?

346 . How Do You Know if What You Read Online Is True?

347 . How Much Do You Trust Online Reviews?

348 . How Do You Use Wikipedia?

349 . What Are Your Favorite Internet Spoofs?

350 . What Are Your Favorite Viral Videos?

351 . What Would You Teach the World in an Online Video?

352 . What Are Your Experiences With Internet-Based Urban Legends?

353 . What Story Does Your Personal Data Tell?

354 . Do You Worry About the Lack of Anonymity in the Digital Age?

355 . Do You Wish You Had More Privacy Online?

356 . Have You Ever Been Scammed?

357 . Do Your Parents Have Any Rules or Restrictions on How You Use the Internet?

358 . Have You or Someone You Know Ever Gotten in Trouble for Something Done on the Internet?

359 . Do You Believe Things on the Internet Are Really There Forever? Why or Why Not?

360 . In an Ideal World, What Would a "safe" Internet Look Like? Describe It.

361 . Have You Ever Had to Deal with Malware or a Virus?

362 . Did You Ever Got Hacked or a Company You Have Had an Account?

363 . How Many Hours a Week Do You Spend Online?

Social Media

social media

364 . How Do You Use Facebook?

365 . What Is Your Facebook Persona?

366 . What Memorable Experiences Have You Had on Facebook?

367 . Does Facebook Ever Make You Feel Bad?

368 . Would You Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account?

369 . Do You Have 'Instagram Envy'?

370 . Do You Use Twitter?

371 . Why Do You Share Photos?

372 . How Do You Archive Your Life?

373 . Have You Ever Posted, Emailed or Texted Something You Wish You Could Take Back?

374 . Have You Ever Sent an Odd Message Because of Auto-Correct?

375 . Would You Want Your Photo or Video to Go Viral?

376 . Do You Worry Colleges or Employers Might Read Your Social Media Posts Someday?

377 . List as Many Pros and Cons as You Can Possibly Think of about for the Use of Social Media

378 . Make a List of 5 Rules for the Appropriate Use of Social Media Apps.

379 . Make a List of All of the Advantages of Using Social Networking.

380 . Make a List of All of the Disadvantages of Using Social Networking.

381 . Why Do You Think Social Media Sites Do so Well?

382 . Write about a Time When a Friend Posted Something (Positive or Negative) Online That Changed Your Perception of Him or Her.

383 . How Do You Feel Knowing That Colleges and Future Employers May View Your Social Media Accounts and Google You? Does This Knowledge Impact What You Choose to Post? Why or Why Not?

384 . Have You Ever Posted Something Online That You Wouldn't Want Someone in Your Real Life to See? Why? How Would You Feel If It Were Accidentally Found?

385 . Does Blockchain Technology Create Privacy Issues When Used in Social Media?



386 . What Songs Help Lift Your Spirits When You're Feeling Down?

387 . What Are You Listening To?

388 . Who in Your Life Introduces You to New Music?

389 . How Much Is Your Taste in Music Based on What Your Friends Like?

390 . What Music Inspires You?

391 . How Closely Do You Listen to Lyrics?

392 . What Effect Does Music Have on You?

393 . Which Pop Music Stars Fascinate You?

394 . Who Is Your Favorite Pop Diva?

395 . What's Your Karaoke Song?

396 . What Song/Artist Pairings Would You Like to Hear?

397 . What Song Was Stuck in Your Head Recently, and What Were You Doing at the Time That Made You Think of it?

398 . Would You Rather Learn to Play Piano or Guitar? Why?

399 . Friedrich Nietzsche Said "Without Music, Life Would be a Mistake." Do You Agree or Disagree?

400 . Pick a Favorite Line from a Favorite Song and Write about What It Means to You Personally.

401 . This Summer, Everybody Was Listening to That Song. It Was Playing Everywhere.

402 . Write a Personal Essay about How Music Has Affected You or Shaped Your Life.

403 . Write a Top-ten Article Listing Your Favorite Songs or Albums with Short Explanations of Why Each One Earned a Spot on Your List.

404 . Write a Critical Review of Your Favorite Song or Album. What Made It so Good?

405 . Describe Your Best Concert Experience of All Time. What Was the Band, Who Did You Go With?

406 . If You Could Be Proficient in Any One Instrument What Would It Be and Why?

407 . Have You Been in a Rock Band?

408 . Did You Tried out Ballet?

409 . Have You Ever Had a Piece of Music Change Your Life?

410 . Would You Rather Be an Accomplished Singer or Play an Instrument Well?

411 . What Music Do You Listen to to Lift Your Spirits When You're Feeling Down?

Movies, Theater and Television


412 . What Were the Best Movies You Saw in the Past Year?

413 . What Movies Do You Watch, or Reference, Over and Over?

414 . What Movies, Shows or Books Do You Wish Had Sequels, Spinoffs or New Episodes?

415 . Do You Like Horror Movies?

416 . Who Are Your Favorite Movie Stars?

417 . Would You Pay Extra for a 3-D Movie?

418 . What Was The Last Show You Went to?

419 . What Is Your Favorite Comedy?

420 . What Are the Best Live Theatrical Performances You've Ever Seen?

421 . Have You Ever Stumbled Upon a Cool Public Performance?

422 . What Role Does Television Play in Your Life and the Life of Your Family?

423 . What Television Shows Have Mattered to You?

424 . Do Your Television Viewing Habits Include 'Binge-Watching'?

425 . How Often Do You Watch a Television Show When It Originally Airs?

426 . What Old Television Shows Would You Bring Back?

427 . Why Do We Like Reality Shows So Much?

428 . What Ideas Do You Have for a Reality Show?

429 . What Are Your Favorite Commercials?

430 . How Much Are You Influenced by Advertising?

431 . Do You Think That the Movie And/Or Tv Ratings Systems Are Effective or Useful?

432 . The Network That Runs Your Favorite Television Show Has Suddenly Decided to Cancel It. Did it Happen to You? Which Show Was Cancelled and How Do You Felt About it?

Reading, Writing and Fine Arts


433 . If You Could Choose One Book as a Mandatory Read for all High School Students, Which Book Would You Choose?

434 . Read Any Good Books Lately?

435 . Do You Read for Pleasure?

436 . What Are Your Favorite Books and Authors?

437 . What Are the Best Things You've Read, Watched, Heard or Played This Year?

438 . What Are Your Favorite Young Adult Novels?

439 . What have You Read Online Recently that Inspired You?

440 . What's on Your Summer Reading List?

441 . What Memorable Poetry Have You Ever Read or Heard?

442 . What Are Your Favorite Cartoons?

443 . What Magazines Do You Read, and How Do You Read Them?

444 . What Book has had the Greatest Influence on your Life?

445 . Do You Enjoy Reading Tabloid Gossip?

446 . When Have You Seen Yourself and Your Life Reflected in a Book or Other Media?

447 . Do You Prefer Your Children's Book Characters Obedient or Contrary?

448 . Do You Read E-Books?

449 . Would You Trade Your Paper Books for Digital Versions?

450 . To What Writer Would You Award a Prize?

451 . Why Do You Write?

452 . Do You Keep a Diary or Journal?

453 . Do You Have a Blog?

454 . Do You Want to Write a Book?

455 . When Do You Write by Hand?

456 . Do You Write in Cursive?

457 . Do You Write in Your Books?

458 . What 'Mundane Moments' From Your Life Might Make Great Essay Material?

459 . What's the Coolest Thing You've Ever Seen in a Museum?

460 . What Are the Most Memorable Works of Visual Art You Have Seen?

461 . What Are Your Favorite Works of Art?

462 . What Was the Title of the Last Book You Read?

463 . Write About a Recent Visit to a Museum or Art Gallery.

464 . Is There a Book That You Feel Should Be Required Reading For Everyone?

Language and Speech


465 . What Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Words?

466 . What Words or Phrases Do You Think Are Overused?

467 . How Much Slang Do You Use? What Are Your Favorite (Printable) Words?

468 . How Much Do You Curse? Why?

469 . Why Do So Many People Say 'Like' and 'Totally' All the Time?

470 . Do You Sometimes 'Hide' Behind Irony?

471 . How Good Is Your Grammar?

472 . What New Emoticons Does the World Need?

473 . Are You Fluent in Vocal Fry, Creaky Voice or Uptalk?

474 . How Much Information Is 'Too Much Information'?

475 . When Did You Last Have a Great Conversation?

476 . Do You Speak a Second, or Third, Language?

477 . When Do You Remember Learning a New Word?

478 . Do You Use Slang? If Yes, Which are Your Favorite Terms?

479 . Digital or Physical Dictionary? Did You Used Both? Which is the Best and Why?

480 . What Are Some Great Conversation Starters Which Work Always For You?

480 . What's Your Opinion About Text Messaging? Do You Use it Often? Do You Use Emojis?

School and Teachers


481 . What Were Your Best and Worst Subjects in School?

482 . Do You Like School?

483 . What Are You Really Learning at School?

484 . What Are You Looking Forward To, or Dreading, This School Year?

485 . Would You Want to Be Home-Schooled?

486 . Would You Like to Take a Class Online?

487 . Would You Rather Attend a Public or a Private High School?

488 . How Would You Grade Your School?

489 . What Can Other Schools Learn and Copy From Your School?

490 . Is Your School Day Too Short?

491 . What Do You Hope to Get Out of High School?

492 . Do You Have Too Much Homework?

493 . Does Your Homework Help You Learn?

494 . What Is Your Best Subject?

495 . What Memorable Experiences Have You Had in Learning Science or Math?

496 . Are You Afraid of Math?

497 . Do We Need a New Way to Teach Math?

498 . What Are the Best Ways to Learn About History?

499 . How Would You Do on a Civics Test?

500 . How Important Is Arts Education?

501 . What Is Your Most Memorable Writing Assignment?

502 . What Would You Like to Have Memorized?

503 . Does Your School Value Students' Digital Skills?

504 . What Was Your Favorite Field Trip?

505 . Do You Participate in Class?

506 . What Are Your Best Tips for Studying?

507 . Do You Use Study Guides?

508 . Is Everything You've Been Taught About Study Habits Wrong?

509 . How Well Do You Think Standardized Tests Measure Your Abilities?

510 . Do You Have a Tutor?

511 . Are Your Grades Inflated?

512 . When Has a Teacher Inspired You?

513 . What Teacher Do You Appreciate?

514 . What Teacher Would You Like to Thank?

515 . What Do You Wish Your Teachers Knew About You?

516 . Do Your Test Scores Reflect How Good Your Teachers Are?

517 . Do Your Teachers Use Technology Well?

518 . Who Was Your Best Friend in Elementary School?

School Social Environment

school social environment

519 . What Role Do School Clubs and Teams Play in Your Life?

520 . Who Has the Power in School Social Life?

521 . How Big a Problem Is Bullying or Cyberbullying in Your School or Community?

522 . Does Your School Seem Integrated?

523 . What's the Racial Makeup of Your School?

524 . Do You Ever 'Mix It Up' and Socialize With Different People at School?

525 . Can Students at Your School Talk Openly About Their Mental Health Issues?

526 . Is Your School a 'Party School'?

527 . How Common Is Drug Use in Your School?

528 . Do You Know People Who Cheat on High-Stakes Tests?

529 . How Does Your School Deal With Students Who Misbehave?

530 . How Much Does Your Life in School Intersect With Your Life Outside School?

531 . Would You Ever Go Through Hazing to Be Part of a Group?

Senior Year, College and Applications


532 . What Were Your Best and Worst Subjects in College?

533 . Where Do You Want to Go to College?

534 . What Are Your Sources for Information About Colleges and Universities?

535 . Is College Overrated?

536 . How Much Does the SAT or ACT Matter in Your Life?

537 . What Personal Essay Topic Would You Assign to College Applicants?

538 . What Qualities Would You Look For in a College Roommate?

539 . What Would You Do With a Gap Year?

540 . What Makes a Graduation Ceremony Memorable?

541 . How Do You Feel About Proms?

542 . Write About Your First Week in College.

543 . Some People Believe That Students Aren't Learning Enough in High School. Should School Standards Be Higher?

Work, Careers and Personal Growth


544 . Describe Your First Job.

545 . When Was the Last Time You Tried Something New?

546 . What Are Your Longtime Interests or Passions?

547 . Do You Have a Life Calling?

548 . What is Your Number One Goal for the Next Six Months?

549 . What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?

550 . Do You Think You Will Have a Career That You Love?

551 . What Investment Are You Willing to Make to Get Your Dream Job?

552 . Would You Consider a Nontraditional Occupation?

553 . Would You Want to Be a Teacher?

554 . What Hidden Talents Might You Have?

555 . What Do You Hope to Be Doing the Year After You Graduate From College?

556 . Would You Rather Work From Home or in an Office?

557 . How Are You Pursuing Your Dreams Right Now?

558 . What Career or Technical Classes Do You Wish Your School Offered?

559 . What 'Back-to-the-Land' Skills Do You Have, or Wish You Had?

560 . What Have You Made Yourself?

561 . What Would You Create if You Had Funding?

562 . How Did You Start Doing Something You Love?

563 . Did You Ever Take a Break From Doing Something You Love?

564 . What Have You Done to Earn Money?

565 . Do You Have a Job?

566 . Would You Quit if Your Values Did Not Match Your Employer's?

567 . What Are Your Attitudes Toward Money?

568 . What's The Next Big Step You Need to Take?

569 . Can Money Buy You Happiness?

570 . Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

571 . What Do You Want to Be Doing When You're 80?

572 . Do You Want to Live to 100?

573 . What Do You Want Your Obituary to Say?

574 . If You Had to Teach Something, What Would You Teach?

575 . What Would You Regret Not Fully Doing, Being or Having in Your Life?

576 . How Do You Deal With Someone in a Position of Power Who Wants You to Fail?

577 . What is the Most Amount of Money You Have Had at one Time?

578 . What is Your 1-year Goal?

579 . What is Your 5-year Goal?

580 . What is Your 10-year Goal?

581 . What Kind of Person Do You Aspire to be?

582 . Name a Skill You Would Love to Learn.

Dating and Friendship


583 . Who Was Your First Crush and What Made Them Special?

584 . Are You Holding onto Something That You Need to Let Go of?

585 . Have You Ever Been in Love?

586 . Write About Your First Kiss. Was it Everything You Wished or Hoped it Would Be?

587 . What Are the Most Meaningful Relationships in Your Life?

588 . What Advice Would You Give to Somebody Who Just Started Dating?

589 . What Are the Basic 'Rules' for Handling Breakups?

590 . What Are Your Beliefs About Marriage?

591 . Excluding Romantic Relationships, Who Do You Love?

592 . Are You Allowed to Date?

593 . Is Dating a Thing of the Past?

594 . Do You Have a Best Friend?

595 . Write About The Last Time You Spoke To Your Best Friend. What Did You Talk About?

596 . How Do You Feel About Introducing Friends from Different Parts of Your Life?

597 . How Should You Handle the End of a Friendship?

598 . How Often Do You Have 'Deep Discussions'?

599 . How Many of Your Friends Would You Trust With Your Life?

600 . Who Do You Dream About?

601 . Name a Celebrity or Famous Person You Wish Would Take You Out On a Date.

602 . Three Things You Want in a Relationship.

Sports, Exercise and Games


603 . Do You Like to Exercise?

604 . How Has Exercise Changed Your Health, Your Body or Your Life?

605 . Why Do You Play Sports?

606 . What Is the Most Memorable Sporting Event You've Ever Watched or Played In?

607 . What's the Most Impressive Sports Moment You've Seen?

608 . When Has a Sports Team Most Disappointed You?

609 . What Sports Teams Do You Root For?

610 . Why Do We Idolize Sports Players?

611 . Who is Your Favorite Sport and Player? Why?

612 . Does Being a Fan Help Define Who You Are?

613 . How Far Would You Go to Express Loyalty to Your Favorite Teams?

614 . What Fan Memorabilia Would You Pay Big Bucks For?

615 . What Rules Would You Like to See Changed in Your Favorite Sports?

616 . What Game Would You Like to Redesign?

617 . What Are Your Favorite Games?

618 . How Do You Spend the Majority of Your Free Time?

619 . Write About Your First Dance.



620 . What is the Best Method of Travel, and in What Ways Have You Traveled?

621 . Where in the World Would You Travel if You Could?

622 . What Is Your Fantasy Vacation?

623 . What Would Your Fantasy Road Trip Be Like?

624 . What Crazy Adventure Would You Want to Take?

625 . How Has Travel Affected You?

626 . What Famous Landmarks Have You Visited?

627 . What's the Coolest Thing You've Ever Seen in Nature?

628 . What Are the Best Souvenirs You've Ever Collected While Traveling?

629 . Would You Like to Live in Another Country?

630 . Would You Want to Be a Space Tourist?

631 . Where Would You Most Like to go and Why?

632 . What is the Worst Vacation You Have Ever Had?

Looks, Fashion and Health


633 . What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

634 . How Far Would You Go for Fashion?

635 . What Are the Hot Fashion Trends at Your School Right Now?

636 . Do You Have a Signature Clothing Item?

637 . Has Anyone Ever Said That You Look Like Someone Famous?

638 . Would You Ever Consider Getting a Tattoo?

639 . What Are Your Opinions on Cosmetic Surgery?

640 . Do Photoshopped Images Make You Feel Bad About Your Own Looks?

641 . Where Do You Purchase Your Clothes and Why?

642 . What Are Your Favorite Brands?

643 . Where Do You Find Inspiration for Your Style?

644 . Do You Have Any Fashion Rules When Putting an Outfit Together?

645 . What Would You Wear to a Gala?

646 . Describe Your Own Personal Style...

647 . What Are 5 Wardrobe Essentials?

648 . Share Some of your Favorite Fashion Items.

649 . What 3 Items Did You Bought And Regretted it?

650 . Which is Your Body Type and What Fits You Best?

651 . What Are Your Sleep Habits?

652 . How Much of a Priority Do You Make Sleep?

653 . Do You Get Enough Sleep?

654 . What Health Tips Have Worked for You?

655 . Name One Simple Way You Can Take a Step to be Healthier.

656 . List Your Fitness and Health Goals.

657 . What Do You Think of When You Think about Healthy Foods?

658 . Describe a Day of Your Normal Meals.

659 . What Is Your Favorite Healthy Food?

660 . Could You Ever Be a Vegetarian?

661 . How Does a Person's Diet Affect His or Her Overall Health?

Shopping and Driving


662 . What's Your Favorite Store? Why?

663 . To What Company Would You Write a Letter of Complaint or Admiration?

664 . To What Business Would You Like to Give Advice?

665 . How Would You Make Over Your Mall?

666 . Do You Shop at Locally Owned Businesses?

667 . What Are the Best Things You've Acquired Secondhand?

668 . How Important Is It to Have a Driver's License?

669 . Are You a Good Driver?

Food and Eating


670 . Where is a Great Place to get Breakfast?

671 . What Are the Most Memorable Meals You've Ever Had?

672 . What's Your Favorite Holiday Food Memory?

673 . What's Your Comfort Food?

674 . What Are Your Favorite Junk Foods?

675 . What Food Would You Like to Judge in a Taste-Off?

676 . Do You Prefer Your Tacos 'Authentic' or 'Appropriated'?

677 . Do You Pay Attention to Nutrition Labels on Food?

678 . How Concerned Are You About Where Your Food Comes From?

679 . Are Your Eating Habits Healthy?

680 . What Are Your 'Food Rules'?

681 . Do You Eat Too Quickly?

682 . What Do You Eat During the School Day?

683 . Do You Eat Cafeteria Food?

684 . How Much Food Does Your Family Waste?

685 . What Messages About Food and Eating Have You Learned From Your Family?

686 . What's Your Favorite Restaurant?

687 . What Restaurant Would You Most Like to Review?

688 . Do You Cook?

689 . What Would You Most Like to Learn to Cook or Bake?

690 . Ice Cream: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?

691 . What Meals Do You Most Enjoy Making or Eating?

692 . What is a Food You Would Love to Try from a Different Country?

Holidays, Seasons, Weather and Weekends


693 . Which Activities Make You Lose Track of Time?

694 . How Can People Make the Most of Long Holiday Weekends?

695 . What's Your Sunday Routine?

696 . What's on Your Fall Fashion Shopping List?

697 . Will You Be Wearing a Halloween Costume This Year?

698 . Do You Like Scary Movies and Books?

699 . Do You Believe in Ghosts?

700 . What Are Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

701 . What Are Your Plans for This Weekend?

702 . What Are Your Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Season?

703 . How Will You Spend the Holiday Break?

704 . Do You Make New Year's Resolutions?

705 . How Do You Fight the Winter Blues?

706 . What Are Your Experiences With Severe Weather?

707 . How Do You Feel About Valentine's Day?

708 . How Do You Celebrate Spring?

709 . What Would Your Fantasy Spring Break Be Like?

710 . How Careful Are You in the Sun?

711 . What Are You Looking Forward to This Summer?

712 . What Would Your Ideal Summer Camp Be Like?

713 . What Are Your Favorite Summer Hangouts?

714 . What's Your Favorite Summer Food?

715 . What Is Your Favorite Summer Movie?

716 . Do You Have a Summer Job?

717 . Do You Choose Summer Activities to Look Good on Applications?

718 . What Are the Best Things You Did This Summer?

719 . How Do You Prepare to Go Back to School?

720 . Thunderstorms. Inspiring or scary?

721 . Which Holiday Tradition do You Look Most Forward to?

722 . Write How Each Season Affects Your Mood and Energy Levels.

723 . How Would You Make a Raining Day Amazing?

Beliefs, Politics and Current Events


724 . What's a Belief That You Hold with Which Many People Disagree?

725 . What Does 'the American Dream' Mean to You?

726 . What Sustains You on a Daily Basis?

727 . How Would You Like to Help Our World?

728 . What Cause Would Get You Into the Streets?

729 . What Would You Risk Your Life For?

730 . When Have You Spoken Out About Something You Felt Had to Change?

731 . What Would You Invent to Make the World a Better Place?

732 . How Would You Describe 'freedom' in Your Own Words?

733 . How Do You Feel About Zoos?

734 . What Is Your Relationship With Guns?

735 . Do You Trust Your Government?

736 . What's the Biggest Lie You Once Believed Was True?

737 . Do You Know Your First Amendment Rights?

738 . Do You Worry About Terrorism?

739 . Do You Believe in Intelligent Alien Life?

740 . Given Unlimited Resources, What Scientific or Medical Problem Would You Investigate?

741 . What Would You Do if You Were President?

742 . Would You Vote This Year if You Could?

743 . What Are the Primary Components of a Happy Life?

744 . Democracy, Communism, or Socialism? Defend Your Choice.

745 . Do You Consider Yourself a Republican, Democrat or Independent?

746 . What Event in the Past Do You Wish You Could Have Witnessed?

747 . What Are the Most Important Changes, in Your Life and in the World, in the Last Decade?

748 . What Do You Remember About Sept. 11, 2001?

749 . What News Stories Are You Following?

750 . How Do You Get Your News?

751 . Why Should We Care About Events in Other Parts of the World?

752 . What Questions Do You Have About How the World Works?

753 . What Big Questions Do You Have?

754 . Would You Rather Be a Worried Genius or a Joyful Simpleton?

755 . What Are Three Moral Rules You Will Never Break?

756 . What Historical Events Happened the Year You Were Born?

757 . Describe Your Feelings in Regards to an Issue in Todays Society, and What Would Be Done to Fix It.

If Only..


758 . If Not Now, Then When?

759 . If You Could Instill One Piece of Advice in a Newborn Baby's Mind, What Advice Would You Give?

760 . What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery?

761 . What Superpower Do You Wish You Had?

762 . What Era Do You Wish You Had Lived In?

763 . Would You Want to Be a Tween or Teen Star?

764 . Would You Want to Grow Up in the Public Eye?

765 . What Kind of Robot Would You Want?

766 . What Would You Outsource if You Could?

767 . What Would You Like to Learn on Your Own?

768 . What Would You Wait in Line For?

769 . If You Could Change One Thing About Your Present Life, What Would it be?

770 . If You Could Live Anywhere You Wanted, Where Would You Live?

771 . If You Could Go Back in Time and Change One Thing from Your Past, What Would it be?

772 . What Would You Ask for If a Genie Granted You Three Wishes?

773 . If You Could Become an Expert in Any Subject or Activity, What Would It Be?

774 . What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

775 . What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

776 . What If You Transformed into Your Pet? What Would You Do During the Day?

777 . What If You Could Control the Weather? How Would You Change Today's Forecast?

778 . What If You Woke up and You Were Living in a Different Time Period? Which Time Period Would It Be? How Is Life Different in That Time Period?

779 . What If You Could Spend the Day with Your Favorite Athlete. Who Would You Choose? What Would You Do?

780 . What If You Were Lost in a Forest and Had Only One Tool for Survival? What Would Your Tool Be? How Would You Use It?

781 . If You Could Live Forever, Would You Want To? Why?

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