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How to Write a Diary

Your Guide to Mastering a Long Diary Writing Career

Updated: 24/02/2019

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What is a diary?

A diary is a private & personal space to write in. It can hold your experiences, interests, thoughts, goals, ideas and feelings.

To start successfully your diary writing career, you will need the willingness to hit your keyboard keys, be natural and honest. You should write about things that matter to you and write only if it does make sense. Open your new entries, if you like, with the typical "dear diary" line, don't pay attention to grammar and spelling errors, but concentrate on the essence of your writings.

Writing a dairy is easy as it gets. You can start with a pen and a blank notebook or having it online and ready to use whenever you want. Find a quiet place, make a few thoughts about your day and open your diary. To complete a diary entry, you will need to create the habits of a diary writer. Over time, they have served many generations of diary writer's. Let's take a look.

Write down the date

You don't have to write daily, but keeping a date on your entries will help you remain organized and keep track of your memories in a chronological order. So this is the most basic and beneficiary step to follow.

Opening line

Talking to someone might open things up for you and it avoids the feeling of a one way conversation. A good option to achieve this, is by opening your entries with the typical and classical, dear diary line. Although this is a personal preference, you can opt in for another form of greeting or opt out entirely on this step.

Record your experiences and feelings

Describe your day and highlight what made it stand out. Put off in writing your ongoing feelings. A diary is a great tool to discuss upon events and feelings. Even seemingly similar days can hold different thoughts and feelings. You have total freedom in the selection of the topic and the direction you take. Write in first person, than these "I" statements will enable you to think deeper, because of the personal character involved in it.

Be natural and honest

One of the biggest positive effects you encounter while using a diary is the purifying bring off you experience. Be yourself, write down positive or negative emotions, explore them in a honest way and you will feel better. Because a first step of trust has to be taken and this bond with your diary only strengthens over time, a private diary, should remain personal and not be read by others except by you.

Don't nitpick

Writing in an understandable manner will help you decode your writing in the future, but because of the personal nature of a journal, paying too much attention on your grammar and spelling isn't necessary. In a way it can hinder you to think more deeply on a topic you handle. Thoughts are not easy to catch and they tend to fly away and not coming back when you would like. Focus on the essence.

Get a closure

When coming close to an end, finish your diary entries with a course of action that will bring you the desired effect in future. You could be unsure or don't know yet how exactly to respond to your issue. When this happens write down the goals you want to accomplish, so that in future you would be able to avoid the same situation.

End your diary entry

A proper goodbye or a concluding sentence is enough to end your diary entry. You can also include your initials or use a signature if you wish.

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Brainstorming ideas. What could go in a diary

Sometimes it is hard to put words on paper and other times we don't do ourselves a favor and make things more complex then they should. There are a few brainstorming ideas below to help you overcoming the diary writer's block, but the most important rule you should never forget is, write only if you are comfortable with.

  • Whenever you have a thought that you believe is of importance, write a note to yourself and explore it later in greater detail in your diary.

  • Write about your day, what events happened or what feelings you had when confronted with a situation or people. What did you do? Did you do good or injustice? Did you achieve a milestone, helping you getting closer to a bigger goal?

  • Put down your future goals short and long-term and how you think you can achieve them. Set up smaller milestones to take away pressure and to help you get an easy start. Track your progress.

  • When jotting down your feelings, you are not obligated to include a solution. Your diary is a great listener, vent about your current state, don't hide your feelings. You can come back later and think more thoroughly about the why's, how's and what's.

  • Keep track of your interests. You surely have hobbies that you love. Write about them. You love reading? Talk about it, is the author any good? What title do you read? Why did you started it? Copy paste passages that you want to remember. Did you join a book club? Imagine having more than one hobby, what a writing resource could be gathered this way.

  • Write Poems or lyrics for a song. Start an imaginary short story. Keep a fashion log of your Wardrobe and when you wear it. Take pictures of you and compare your today's look with the one taken last time.

  • Keep an exercise diary, write down when and what actions you did to improve your fitness. How did it felt after a set was done? Explore new forms of exercising like Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebell workouts. What worked for you well?

  • Observe your weight and BMI metrics, if you are still very young you can track your height too.

  • Track your spending. Which expenses occur repeatedly and which spending habits you want to alter.

  • Write down your school grades and academic accomplishments. Which grade was of more importance to you?, where did you improve the most?

  • Take an inspirational quote from a famous person, movie, folklore saying, book, people around you or advertisement and write down what you think about it. Record the quote itself, where you got it and the meaning to you.

  • We hope our guide will assist you to achieve a long enduring diary / journal writing career. Some days it could look like that you will not endure, but the best practice to overcome this feeling is to act. Grab your diary and write some silly stuff in it, enjoy the journey and you will be great.