Mynlo | How and Why does Margot Lee Journal?

VIDEO: How and Why I Journal?

by Margot Lee

Updated: 29/04/2020

Videos are such a popular medium that we thought, it would be nice to introduce some of the best videos on youtube regarding journal writing.

Today we are proud to post a video from Margot.

How and why you journal? This is the most asked question you will encounter when you are known to write a journal. In this video Margot explains their reason in a very illustrative way. She has divided her journals into two categories. The earlier ones where she used to write mostly to remember past things, friends, family, nature and such stuff and than the other category which she keeps up until today. These are the crucial journals for her. Without revealing any spoilers, have fun!

Big thanks to Margot! Want to watch more of her videos? Here's the link to her youtube channel: Link

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