Mynlo | Gratitude Journal Tips. Start and Keep it

VIDEO: Gratitude Journal Tips. Start and Keep it.

by Caren Baginski

Updated: 03/05/2020

How to Start a Gratitude Journal You'll Actually Keep

Videos are such a popular medium that we thought, it would be nice to introduce some of the best videos on youtube regarding journal writing.

Today we are proud to post a video from Caren.

Always wanted to start a gratitude journal? Watch Caren's video and learn, how not only to start one, but also to keep it going. A Gratitude journal is a great way to discover things in life you took for granded and appreciate them again for what they truly are. Writing positive statements over a longer period of time, can increase your inner happiness. You will feel better about yourself and this will motivate you to seek for more positive stimulants.

Big thanks to Caren! Want to watch more of her videos? Here's the link to her youtube channel: Link

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