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Emoji journal. Add the Cute Pictographs to Your Entries.

Updated: 27/07/2019

Benefits of emoji use

Writing can be so much stress relieving to the soul. Sometimes it can be difficult to express your feelings in words. Then feelings can be complex and the words you would need to describe them could fill a page, but you don't have the time. Emojis, are hanging around to resolve any concerns about time and worries to find the right words. One image is more worth than thousands words. This popular saying has merit. We humans are pulled in by beautiful images more than by beautiful composed words.

Besides giving your entry an emotional label, so you can track and find your memories easier, you also have the ability to use emojis in your entries. That way you can write entries faster, in a form you are accustomed to do. Over 5 billion emojis are sent daily through Facebook's messenger app. Emoji has grown from a set of 176 characters to a collection of more than 3000. We are offering just a few to accommodate your writings, as too much options can be distractive.

Combine your emoji made entries with your images and videos and you would have an accurate imprint of your opinion and mood at that time. You could then look back at those positive moments, by searching only for happy emotions though our search feature and these very moments could help you to find courage and overcome less happy circumstances.

One side effect of adding emoji to your entries is, they become more believable and understandable to you. In a study made recently by Thomas A. Daniel and Alecka L. Camp about the use of emoji in social networks, they found out that when your writing contained an emoji, it was regarded by the testers as more believable than when it consisted only of words. In the study, 214 college students viewed 90 tweets from the social media website Twitter and rated how understandable, believable, and shareable the tweets were.

Why you like using emoji?

Emojis are making your communication easier, are talking straight to the point and fun at the same time. Their expression is instantly understandable because reading a face expression is the first language you have learned. This is to say, the ultimate world language.

Imagine getting lost in some unknown territory and nobody is speaking your language. You will try with you body and hands to convey your message, but without the first initial contact from face to face the communication cannot take place. A face expression has also the advantage of being less prone to misinterpretation than hand signs. This is the reason why you like so much to use emojis.

Did you know the 2015 word of the year was the smiley emoji with tears? Most changes in your communication happen gradually without you and me the casual users of it taking notice. A language is a living entity getting influenced from many sources. A decade before you would call me crazy if I told you the word of the year didn't consist of a word written in text but would be a digital pictograph. I guess since the time of the old Egyptian civilization and the use of hieroglyphs this didn't happened before.

They conquered the world and now you can find them at Mynlo. Add them to your entries and create an unique emoji journal. Emojis have entered your text conversations and many people communicate only through them. These little faces can show any emotion from love, sadness to disgust and you can find them at any comment section, forum, chat application and social platform. Now, you can find them also in our journal.

They are here to stay

This is still a field were research is in its infant stage, but linguists and professionals gather, from all around the world to understand better the impact of emoji in our language. Knowing about the recent results, I came to conclusion that enabling mynlo users to use emoji in their communication would benefit them in the long term. I even started to use emoji in my email communications when talking to friends, to give my messages a more believable background.

In a study published by Jennifer Fane the use of these two dimensional pictorial graphs has been tested with preschool kids to evaluate their understanding of wellbeing. A neutral face in this study gave more space for interpretation to the kids and the answers were more unique. The kids rightfully regarded the smiley face to be connected with happiness and wellbeing. The sad face has been associated with negative feelings. There's a power in those small emoji, that even preschool kids can benefit from their use.

Since they were first used in Japan, emoji made a long way and got global recognition. They got featured in a movie and many books have been written about them. They surely became a global phenomenon. Let's not think further about it and enjoy using them where it is appropriate. Yes, there are times you shouldn't use them. So, as with all good things in the world, use emoji with caution ;) .

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