Mynlo | 44 Corona Virus Journal Prompts.

44 Corona Virus Journal Prompts

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Updated: 01/05/2020

Covid-19 Journal Prompts

What small things do you miss most about your life before the pandemic?

How are you feeling about the whole situation?

How do you believe this pandemic will resolve? Will there be a cure, a vaccine?

How are you coping with self-quarantine?

Do you spend more time online? Which sites do you visit more?

How do you keep contact with people?

How do you feel other people are reacting to the pandemic?

Describe a situation were you had to go out of your home.

How are people outside reacting to your presence?

How did you prepare yourself for this pandemic?

About what things am I grateful right now?

How have priorities in your life changed?

How has this pandemic affected your life?

Which songs make you feel good during the pandemic?

How do you plan to deal with the whole situation in the next few months?

How is your work situation and how do you feel it will evolve?

Are you experiencing bigger conflict within your family?

How do you past time during self-quarantine?

Are there any life lessons you learned out of this pandemic?

Did you catched the Coronavirus? Which were your symptoms?

Did your life priorities changed? What is important to you?

How is your financial situation? What can you do to improve your balance?

Are there people you would like to forgive or seek forgiveness?

Has this pandemic a greater economical impact than the Great Recession? Why do you think so?

Has this pandemic a greater economical impact than the Great Depression of 1929? Why do you think so?

Are there any members of your family who need greater protection against Covid-19? What steps did you take to protect them?

Where do you live and how much did your town got affected by Covid-19?

Will you travel this year? Where do you think is the safest place to go to?

How do you feel about taking an airplane? Do you think it's a safe travel medium?

You had time to think about yourself. What areas of yourself would you like to improve?

Coronavirus Cure Cannot 'Be Worse Than the Problem Itself. Do you agree or not? What are your thoughts?

Do you think social distancing wil be here for the long run? How do you feel about the rules?

You are single. How do you deal with this situation? Where do you think is the best place to meet a new partner?

You are married. Has your marriage become stronger during this time?

Take a picture of yourself wearing handgloves and a face cover.

Do you feel secure? What can you do to improve your security?

How do you entertain your kids? How has their behavior changed?

Share a positive conversation you had during this challenging time.

What essential things will you need to buy this year to improve your condition?

What are your thoughts about the US dollar? Are you afraid of inflation or deflation?

What was the last trip you did make before Covid-19 became a thing?

What sport are you missing the most? When do you think it will resume to normal activity?

The End of The World As We Know It. What are your thoughts about prepping and preppers?

Did you learn a new skill during self-quarantine?

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