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About Mynlo

Mynlo has been created to be valuable to you. We are an online journal. Build to be simple, you can concentrate on writing. Anything you write in here is private and encrypted. Capture life events and make sure they don't get lost. Get things done by keeping track of your goals and actions. At Mynlo you will not see any Ads. No pop ups. No paid journal features. We are truly free to use. We thrive to improve our service to you at any time.

To have revenue and be useful to you for many years, we offer an image print service. Print your images on canvas, acrylic or metal. Let your images be framed and hang on your wall. You could say that Mynlo combines the digital and the analog World, by offering those two options in one place. Use Mynlo as a haven for your memories. You will not find anywherere else a package that connects your memories so effectively to your life.